Since 1993

TEZ has created innovative, simple mobile technology solutions for streamlining operations, increasing efficiency and improving overall guest experiences.  The intuitive products are fueling revenue generating guest experiences in venues including restaurant, hotel, residential, commercial and more. To learn more about the TEZ suite of products, click on any of the solutions below.

SMS Valet

Wow guests with ticketless valet service while enjoying the convenience of managed Android devices and a lifetime warranty. Stop shrinkage and fraud with revenue controls. Best of all, there's no app for parkers to download.


A cloud-based parking management platform that helps businesses and homeowners easily manage their spaces. Parkers can park using their smart phone. No App. No expensive equipment. No complicated install. Just easy.

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The makers of the iconic coaster pager.

Founder, Ken Lovegreen, and his partners developed the flashing restaurant pager in 1993 under their company, Long Range Systems (LRS). The LRS Coaster Call has become the worldwide standard in guest paging for many industries. After 25 patents, Ken sold LRS in 2011 to dedicate his full attention to his new company, TEZ.